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I was inspired to make a film based upon my childhood dream, events in my adulthood, and to express unconditional love for the family that I want to save. Thank you God for providing me this opportunity to tell a story of the harsh reality that so many addicts and their families encounter every day. We are blessed to have this opportunity to express this heart wrenching story. This is definitely a must see. We are grateful to our crew and cast for being a part of this project.

All Consuming Crew and Cast

This film is about the heartbreaking effects of drug addiction. There is pain, deceit, lies, destruction  with drug addictions. Family and friends suffer through the rollercoaster ride of an addict. This nightmare can take its toll on loved ones who have false hope.

All Consuming

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Liz struggles with drug addiction.

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Chuck Ardezzone

Executive Producer

Chuck Ardezzone is a NY SAG and AFTRA actor with over 15 years of experience. He has appeared in "Law & Order", "Third Watch", "As The World Turns", "One Life To Live", "Law & Order SVU", "Hope & Faith", "Burn Notice", and more. Chuck has also appeared in over 100 commercials, 30
independent films, and over 50 print ads. Chuck has also hosted three reality shows in Southwest Florida. He is also served as producer on movies including "Hybrids" starring Paul Sorvino, and
the feature short movie "Never In Our Town". Chuck is also a director, writer, and editor.

                     ALL C​ONSUMING

In Trouble Zone Production

Kimberly Trapani Writer and

Executive Producer

Kimberly was inspired to write this film through her own life experiences and exposure to a family member's drug addiction. She is passionate about telling this story. It is a subject that needs to be discussed. It is her goal to inspire others to deal with their own pain.


Drug Dealer and Liz's childhood friend.

Frank Monti

Executive Producer

Frank has been in the entertainment marketing business for the last fifteen years.  He has been producing successful Reality TV shows such as "V8 Muscle Bikes", "Fraud Dog", and "The World Record Used Car Challenge".  He is currently developing and producing ten new reality shows for major Television networks.  He has also worked with producers of shows such as Pawn Stars, Intervention, Blind Date, The Biggest Loser, and Millionaire Matchmaker. Frank has also accumulated more than ten Executive Producer credits. He has partnered with Leftfield Productions which includes the show "Tobacco Wars".

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Liz's best friend.